Card Sharks

Card Sharks features two players who face off in a head-to-head elimination game with the goal of one player making it to the grand prize winning deck. Each contestant has to decide if the ...

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 4.6

Season 1 - Card Sharks
"Joining McHale are contestants Sherreeta White (hometown: Pasadena, California), Haydee Cuervo (hometown: Chatsworth, California), Bri Montemayor (hometown: Santa Clarita, California) and Marc Angeles (hometown: Seattle, Washington)."
"Joining McHale are contestants Miki Mootsey (hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida), Sherice Smith (hometown: Los Angeles, California), Gary Hogans (hometown: Los Angeles, California) and Chantelle Winchester (hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana)."
"Joining Joel McHale are contestants Tamika Lamison (hometown: Richmond, Virginia), Bryce Clifford (hometown: Lake Forest, California) and Malenda Pillow (hometown: Temecula, California) and Ashley Dos Santos (hometown: Los Angeles, California)."
"Joining Joel McHale are contestants Mike Mador (hometown: Hermosa Beach, California), Thais Bouchereaux-Paytner (hometown: Brooklyn, New York) and Derek Arteta (hometown: Covina, California) and Nina Lalezari (hometown: Los Angeles, California)."
"Joining host Joel McHale are contestants Aswan Harris (hometown: Cleveland, Ohio), Chris Carter (hometown: Santa Barbara, California), Dylan Patterson (hometown: Valencia, California) and Diane Dowler (hometown: Kansas City, Missouri)."
"Joining Joel McHale are contestants Krystal Harris (hometown: Grass Valley, California), Aaron Arguilera (hometown: Orange, California), Kristina Garcia (hometown: Glendale, California) and Levon Turner (hometown: Compton, California)."
Season 2 - Card Sharks
"No description"